Course 911CQ FRESHMAN HEALTH A: FOUNDATIONS FOR PERSONAL WELLNESS Course 912CQ FRESHMAN HEALTH B: FOUNDATIONS FOR PERSONAL WELLNESS 2 Terms 1 Credit Freshman Health provides students with a deeper understanding of age appropriate health issues, and equips them to better deal with the social and emotional adjustments of high school. Topics covered include communication skills and healthy relationship building; risk assessment, alcohol, and other drug prevention (including binge drinking); stress and anger management; depression; suicide prevention; personal values development; and human sexuality & sexual health. This course meets for two blocks per 8-day cycle in alternating terms (either Terms 1 & 3 or Terms 2 & 4).

JUNIOR HEALTH: SELF-IDENTITY & SOCIETY Semester 1 Credit This course continues to build upon the health and wellness concepts of previous courses, while helping each student to focus on understanding and facilitating her/his developing sense of self-identity, values, and role(s) in society. Students explore the areas of psychological and moral development, character education and decision making, racial identity and racism in society, and adolescent mental health and substance abuse prevention. This course meets for two days per academic cycle during the Fall semester.

SOPHOMORE HEALTH: SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN ADOLESCENCE Semester 1 Credit Sophomore Health builds upon the information covered in previous Health Education courses, with an emphasis upon a developmentally appropriate examination of health issues relevant to high school sophomores. Students will build their knowledge base and skills for addressing issues of dating abuse and healthy relationships; stress management and Mindfulness Practice; healthy sleep habits; and understanding the neuroscience of substance use and abuse. Students will also receive instruction in CPR and First Aid. This course meets for two days per academic cycle during the Spring semester.