Prerequisite: Clay Studio II.

In Clay Studio III, students will work with greater independence on ceramic projects. Students may choose to concentrate on wheel thrown work, sculptural work, and/or glazes and surface decoration. Historical research and self-discovery will be emphasized. A variety of glaze firing techniques will be explored.

Clay Studio II builds upon skills introduced in Clay Studio I and is designed to help students refine their abilities and pursue ceramics as a functional and expressive medium. The curriculum will focus on additional training on the potter's wheel, higher-level ceramic sculpture experience, and investigative glaze exploration.

This course is designed for students interested in a focused experience in ceramics. Students will work with clay using a variety of hand building techniques, as well as learning how to use the potter‘s wheel to form vessels, explore surface decoration and glazing techniques. There is no prerequisite for this course, however, Art Lab and/or Art I provide substantial preliminary design and creative experiences.

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Prerequisite: Graphic Design I.

This course expands on the ideas and concepts introduced in Graphic Design
I. Students will apply these techniques and programs in specific areas of
graphic design. There will be a continued emphasis on personal expression
and manipulation of the media as a way to visualize messages.